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How to reset IP of SNMP Manager Pro
Last Updated 3 years ago

This instruction applies only for SNMP Manager Pro with MCU number 1433 and higher.

  1. Connect the AC power to the UPS
  2. Put the jumper on SNMP card to Pin2-3 then insert the SNMP card to the UPS for 3 minutes (card is hot-swappable, you do not need to switch off the UPS)
  3. Remove the SNMP card then connect the jumper to Pin1-2 then insert the SNMP card to the UPS
  4. After this procedure, the SNMP card will restore factory defaults.
  5. Default settings is static IP, please change your PC static IP to be in the range 192.168.102.*
  6. Now you can detect and access card. You can also change desired IP or change to DHCP IP
  7. Return your PC to original IP range
This instruction is also in the manual for new SNMP Manager.

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