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Site Wiring Failure
Last Updated 2 years ago

A typical reason for error "Site Wiring Failure" are swapped Line and Neutral lines. UPS is sensitive to correct wiring of neutral and line, while typical electrical device sees no difference.

  • UPS with Schuko plug and socket
    • you can just turn the plug by 180 degrees
  • UPS with French plug and socket
    • it will require rewiring in the wall socket or in the UPS. Contact the support or local electrician.
  • Three phase UPS
    • please let the technician to swap phase order.
In many UPS this error can be disabled, nevertheless, it might cause some problems. A typical symptom is problem with AC recovery after mains failure.

Another typical reason for this "Site Wiring Failure" is issue with grounding. Make sure that your UPS is correctly grounded!

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