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UPS losing connection with the monitoring software
Last Updated 2 years ago

Losing connection between UPS and the monitoring software can be caused by various reasons, but the majority of cases are related to noises on the USB cable.

How to solve the issue:

  1. Untangle the USB cable from other cables, especially AC cords
  2. Connect the USB cable to a different port
    • USB ports are grouped in hubs, i.e. in front of the PC tower is one USB hub (it could be several ports) and in the back is another hub. Leaving UPS cable alone in the hub and moving other devices to another hub might improve the situation
  3. Try to replace the standard cable with improved quality shielded USB cable
    • Certain models, like VI GX Series, are provided with an extra shielded USB cable. Nevertheless, a better shielding is always possible.
  4. If you are experiencing very frequent disconnections (i.e. every few minutes or more), try testing with a different PC. There might be a compatibility problem between the hardware. Please report to the Service Support.
  5. You can try a different version of the software (i.e. older) or try NUT software to compare results. If you see improvement, please report it to us, we will upgrade our software.
  6. Such an issue might be caused by the damaged communication board. Please contact your dealer for warranty handling or report to the Service Support.
    • If you are experiencing rare disconnections (i.e. once a week or less), it is unlikely caused by the fault on a PCBA. Also it would be impossible to confirm that issue is solved during service time.

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